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Dec 13, 2016

TtW Conquers the North with Amazing Race

After the success of our original Amazing Race in October, we decided to put together another event for our Transition to Work (TtW) clients in Elizabeth so they could meet local service providers, education facilities and businesses. Altogether we paired up 8 young TtW clients into 4 teams to vie for the title of Amazing Race Champions 2016

Teams needed to work together to solve a clue to get to each check point, and then undertake a challenge upon arrival to be given their next check point clue. In between stops they needed to have their wits about them to complete “mini challenges” which included getting a selfie with someone in uniform, finding out useful (and not so useful) information about the community and even getting to play an arcade game at Tunza Fun. Lunch was provided free for everyone at Subway, but of course they had to solve a clue to get there too…proving there IS no such thing as a “free” lunch!

As well as a fun day of getting out and about and making new friends, the race provided great opportunities for the young people to develop crucial employability skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork and problem solving - as well as being open to try new things which may normally make them uncomfortable. The feedback given to us by our host organisations was that all teams represented themselves and HYPA very well - showing courtesy, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in engaging in conversation to complete their challenges.

“It was very rewarding to our staff to be involved in this activity. Different businesses in Elizabeth who also supported HYPA’s “The Amazing Race” shows how strong our community is to assist young people. Lots of fun for them as well as us." - Sue Rossell – Manager, Bank SA Elizabeth

At the end of the day, it was the girls from Gawler, Liesl and Tamara who took out the title, earning themselves each a $20 voucher to Elizabeth City Centre - on top of a gift bag and certificate, which all participants received back at HYPA North after the race. Oh – and of course they enjoyed the bragging rights!

Our winners Liesl and Tamara

A massive thank you to NASC (Northern Adelaide Senior College), Job Prospects Elizabeth, Bank SA Elizabeth, Baker’s Delight, Playford Library and NSS (Northern Sound System) for being fantastic check points and making the racers feel welcome throughout the day. HYPA staff Steph, Ben and Ruth also did an awesome job of assisting the teams during the event and extra thanks to Sue and Melissa at Bank SA for putting together their own special gift bags for the participants as well. What an AMAZING day!!


“An amazing day to meet new people and engage in the community”

- Clair


“It was good to get out and learn about my local community as previously I knew little about that’

- Joel


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