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HYPA Works Murray Bridge

Need help finding a job? Want to learn more about an exciting range of careers? Does the job application process have you scratching your head? Then HYPA Works is here to help!

We’ve spent a lot of time working with employers of young people so we know what they’re looking for. A basic level of presentation, communication, reliability and above all – a good attitude are all things we know employers want from school students or school-leavers. “We can teach them the job but we can’t teach them the attitude” is something we hear often, but with our range of free tailored workshops situated in the Murray region we can help get you job-ready.

Each of our workshops runs for between 2 hours and focuses on a range of core skills that will help you achieve your job search goals:

Apply Yourself

-      A guide to effective resume and cover letter writing.

-      This is a 2 hour session and a great starting point for young people about to embark on job searching                activity.


Step Right Up

-         A guide to the steps after writing a resume.

-         This 2 hour session is great for young people who are ready to apply for jobs.


Good 2 Go

-         A guide to how to conduct yourself appropriately in a workplace.

-        This 2 hour workshop focuses on communication, teamwork, workplace culture and expectations of                employers.


We can also offer extra after workshop support to assist with editing your resume, preparing for an interview or finding work experience. 

To be eligible you need to be 15-25 years old and based in the Murray region. 

Interested and want more info? Email/ text your name and the name of the session you want to attend to the contact details below.


Murray Bridge - Ruth, HYPA Works Project Coordinator

Mob: 0407 602 408