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Career-prep Workshops

Need help finding a job? Want to learn more about an exciting range of careers? Does the job application process have you scratching your head? Then HYPA Works is here to help!

We’ve spent a lot of time working with employers of young people so we know what they’re looking for. A basic level of presentation, communication, reliability and above all – a good attitude are all things we know employers want from school students or school-leavers. “We can teach them the job but we can’t teach them the attitude” is something we hear often, but with our range of tailored workshops we can help get you job-ready.

Each of our workshops runs for 2 hours and focuses on a range of core skills that will help you achieve your goals:

Apply Yourself

-      A guide to effective resume and cover letter writing.

-      This is a 2 hour session and a great starting point for young people about to embark on job searching                activity.


Step Right Up

-         A guide to the steps after writing a resume.

-         This 2 hour session is great for young people who are ready to apply for jobs.


Good 2 Go

-         A guide to how to conduct yourself appropriately in a workplace.

-        This 2 hour workshop focuses on communication, teamwork, workplace culture and expectations of                employers.



For all enquiries contact HYPA through our contact form or by calling us on 08 8405 8550.