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HYPA Housing

An Affordable Housing Initiative for Young People

Good quality, well-located and affordable housing is essential to young people finding themselves in vulnerable sleeping and accommodation situations.

Without safe and affordable housing a young person’s capacity to stay at school or in training or employment is severely limited.

HYPA Housing

Homelessness is the most extreme form of social exclusion

In every capital city in Australia the average price for home rental exceeds the income of an entry level worker or apprentice. Low rental vacancy rates mean that young people also find it difficult to compete for limited housing – and if they are under 18 years of age they cannot legally sign a lease anyway.

Young people are at risk of experiencing homelessness even if they are working. If they can find a place to rent, the cost represents such a large proportion of their income, they often are forced to cut back on necessities like food, medical treatment, insurance and transport. Their ability to make social connections is compromised as a result.

HYPA Housing gives young people a way out of this maze by offering them physical security and a sense of stability. It provides the constancy required to develop and nurture important relationships and personal growth that are vital to avoid marginalisation. When this happens, staying at school or in training and employment becomes much easier. 

HYPA Housing offers young people aged 17 – 25 years who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of experiencing becoming homelessness a safe and affordable mid-term housing option while they work towards moving into independent housing. The HYPA Housing model also offers extra support to help tenants develop independent living skills, from learning how to budget to managing their relationships with peers and neighbours. Case Managers and Mentors are available to work with tenants to improve their situation and to help them successfully find a longer term place to live. 

This extra support makes it easier for tenants to stay in work or engage in learning. Tenants leave HYPA Housing with a rental referral, improved living skills and a pathway into longer-term accommodation.

For more information please contact 08 8405 8540.

Click here to download the HYPA Housing brochure.

Click here to access a HYPA Housing referral form.

Click here to view the launch DVD for HYPA Housing sites at Smithfield, Munno Para West and Westwood in June 2012.

Click here to view our 2014 HYPA Housing video and listen to first hand accounts from current and former residents about their experience with HYPA Housing.

HYPA Housing West   HYPA Housing North 

1// HYPA Housing West

Located at Westwood in suburban Adelaide, this is an 8 unit block purchased with funds from a co-investment by the South Australian Government and SYC. The size and layout of these units means they are well suited to couples or siblings. Given the demographics of western Adelaide, SYC encourages referrals of young people from culturally diverse backgrounds.


2// HYPA Housing North

SYC built and manages a high density unit block of 12 units and a common room with laundry and kitchen facilities in an established community in Smithfield. Given the spaciousness of the units, they are best suited to those young people who feel ready to manage a larger space. The property also has a room adjacent the common room for use as a confidential space for professional visits, or similar use according to the needs and ideas of the tenants. HYPA Housing North (Smithfield) was built by SYC in partnership with the Commonwealth and State governments and the City of Playford.

 HYPA Housing North    HYPA Housing Adelaide

3// HYPA Housing North
(Playford alive)

Playford Alive is an exciting new area of Munno Para. The complex was constructed with co-investment by Commonwealth and State governments, the City of Playford, SYC and the Wyatt Trust. This co-investment enabled SYC to build and now manage this high density unit block consisting of 12 units with a common room and laundry and kitchen facilities. This site is better suited to young people willing to access public space and able to cope with a quiet suburban setting.


4// HYPA Housing Adelaide

Adelaide is a 7 unit complex, built in 1992. HYPA Housing Adelaide is well suited to those young people who need a more intensive case management response, given the close proximity to a range of service providers. This enables SYC to balance the remaining tenant population with young people who may be more stable and who are working or studying.