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Focus Areas

HYPA's services are aligned to four primary priorities in a young person's life:
Home, Wellbeing, Learning and Working


Working with our clients to have a stable home,
a sense of home and to feel safe at home.

HYPA provides services and support to assist young people in securing a safe, stable home environment. Our services are designed to address differing challenges faced by young people when needing to find alternative living arrangements, from emergency or crisis accommodation to preparing for independent living and ongoing stability and security.


Trace-A-Place is a service aimed specifically at young people aged between 15-25 in South Australia who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness.  This includes young parents with accompanying children. 

Referred to as the Youth Gateway to crisis accommodation, Trace-A-Place offers a combination of services, including referrals to emergency and longer term youth specific housing, provision of information on sourcing and accessing safe  accommodation options, and general support and guidance on dealing with the experience of homelessness.

Trace-A-Place can be contacted weekdays 9am-5pm on 1300 306 046 or freecall 1800 807 364. The Trace-A-Place walk-in shopfront service is at 135-139 Currie Street, Adelaide, and is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4:30pm.

During out of business hours for Trace-A-Place, the Homelessness Gateway Service is the contact point for crisis accommodation needs.  Call freecall 1800 003 308.

Eastern Adelaide Youth Homelessness Service (EAYHS)

EAYHS complements Trace-A-Place services by providing intensive case management and outreach support for young people aged 15-25 who are transient, based in the inner city eastern region, or moving between regions of metropolitan Adelaide. EAYHS supports young people to stabilise their life, access housing in their region of choice, maintain their accommodation and link with essential support services.

EAYHS is co-located with Trace-A-Place at 135-139 Currie Street, Adelaide and can be contacted on 08 8405 8540.

Integrated Housing Exits (Youth Justice)

The Integrated Housing Exits (IHE) is for young people who are or have recently exited South Australia’s youth training centres. Young people are provided with an independent home and professional case management support to successfully transition back into the community and into long-term housing.

IHE can be contacted on 08 8405 8540 for more information.


Get-A-Place specialises in assisting young people 17 to 25 years of age who are entering the independent housing market for the first time and have limited experience and understanding of what is involved and how to go about it.

Get-A-Place guides young people through the process of identifying the right accommodation for their needs, understanding the different housing options available, clarifying tenants’ rights and responsibilities, applying for a rental property and knowing what’s required for ongoing maintenance of the tenancy. 

A range of publications, group programs and advisory services is offered, including House Hunt which runs once a week from the YouthStreet Library at 135-139 Currie Street and is designed to help young people search for suitable accommodation and apply with prospective landlords.

Get-A-Place can be contacted on 08 8405 8580 or gap@hypa.net.au for more information.

Rental Kit   Where to go








HYPA Housing

HYPA Housing provides a stepping stone towards independent housing for young people aged 17-25 who are finding it difficult to access and afford private rental housing.  It is an affordable housing option that supports young people in developing their independence and pursue their personal, vocational and educational goals.

You can obtain a HYPA Housing referral form here.

Please visit the HYPA Housing web page here for more information.

HYPA Breakfast Club

We all need to eat to survive and the HYPA Breakfast Club provides food as well as other essentials to young people who would otherwise go without.

The HYPA Breakfast Club provides nutritious food each day to young people who would otherwise go without breakfast, and quite likely other meals in their day. This initiative aims to provide the young people with a routine alongside access to bathroom and shower facilities, internet, HYPA case management and a safe relaxing space to have breakfast, hangout and prioritise the day ahead.

HYPA Breakfast Club is accessible weekdays through our Trace-A-Place office. The program is funded by the generous donations of organisations and individuals of breakfast goods, clothes, hygiene items and/or money to purchase these goods. 

Click here to learn more about The Breakfast Club and how you can help.

YouthStreet Library Initiative

HYPA YouthStreet Library provides support for young people aged 15–25 who access HYPA services. The YouthStreet Library can provide breakfast, access to books, a range of learning resources; and access to self-care, life skills and recreation programs to young people.

Our YouthStreet Libraries are located at:

  • Adelaide -  135 - 139 Currie St, Ground Floor Level
  • Murray Bridge - 19 Seventh Street
  • Mt Gambier – 5 Percy Street

 For more information please call 08 8405 8540.