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Foundations of Mental Health & Wellbeing Train the Trainer

Mental health is a significant issue for children and adolescents, with approximately 14-20% being affected by a mental health problem every year (Aust. Govt., 2011). Mental health problems in childhood and adolescence can have widespread effects on physical well-being, educational, psychological and social development. Children who are mentally healthy are better able to: learn; experience stronger relationships; negotiate challenges; achieve long-term education and career goals; and enjoy better quality of life (Aust. Govt., 2011). By educating children in recognising their own triggers and warning signs, helping them to develop basic management skills, and assisting them to identify their own supports, will potentially increase resilience, and reduce the risk of mental health issues developing into mental health disorders. This workshop has been designed to provide participants with a curriculum to enable them to deliver the Foundations Mental Health and Wellbeing course within their school or organisation.

This workshop is suitable for…teachers and other educators wanting to run Foundations Mental Health and Wellbeing lessons with young people of late primary school and high school age.

Learning objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Have a greater understanding of the background and theoretical models in the management of stress, anxiety and depression
  2. Have a greater knowledge of relevant topics and activities to be used in basic stress management with young people
  3. Have increased skills and confidence to run Foundations Mental Health and Wellbeing lessons with young people


Manual, electronic copies of resources/tools, refreshments (including lunch) 

For further enquiries, please contact HYPA on 08 8405 8540 or at training@hypa.net.au