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Facilitate Peer Support

There is now a substantial body of evidence about the value of peer support programs in schools for students, with numerous studies evidencing improvements in students, including self-confidence, relationships with peers, enjoyment of school, attitudes to bullying behaviours, and perception of support from others. Peer support programs can also enhance students’ lifelong learning skills in problem solving, decision making, managing stress, organisation, leadership, coping with difficult experiences and taking responsibility. 

This 2-day workshop is suitable for...teachers and other educators that plan and facilitate peer support programs within their schools or organisations.

Learning objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Have a greater understanding of the evidence and benefits of peer support programs
  2. Have a greater knowledge of relevant topics and activities to be used in peer support programs
  3. Have increased skills and confidence to set up and facilitate a peer support program


Manual, electronic copies of resources/tools, refreshments (including lunch)

For further enquiries, please contact HYPA on 08 8405 8540 or at training@hypa.net.au