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Why support HYPA?

Because young people need and deserve to have somewhere safe and secure to live

HYPA HopeAt any given time in Australia, there are over 26,000 young people who are experiencing homelessness.  They are either living on the street, staying with friends or family in temporary or uncertain accommodation, or residing temporarily in emergency accommodation provided by government supported organisations.  Wherever they are staying, they are at risk and they are vulnerable, as these two stories from Violet and Sarah show.

Violet’s mother left her at 14 when she decided to move interstate, leaving Violet to fend for herself.   For Violet that was a traumatic life event.   “To be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur, I can’t remember it all.  I couch surfed for a while and lots of bad things happened and it got to the point where I had nowhere else to go and was on the verge of being on the street when someone suggested I call Ladder who put me on to HYPA.  I eventually got into HYPA Housing which was such a relief.  I finally got somewhere to clear my head and just settle somewhere for once.  I honestly didn’t think I’d be around at this age, but it’s getting better and just to have a safe place to lay my head makes everything better.  I wouldn’t be there without HYPA”. 

Violet now has a job and is attending university, hoping to be able to help other young people who go through what she went through.

Please click here to hear Violet tell her story in her own words.

Sarah recalls her first time connecting with HYPA…”It was really wet, it had been raining all night, I was soaking wet.  I went into HYPA and said ‘I’m really wet, I’m really cold, really sad…can you please help me?’  And HYPA gave me a jacket.  I still have that jacket, it’s my comfort blanket, because it was the first time anyone had ever looked at me and said ‘I know what you’re going through and I believe you’.  They helped me get a HYPA Housing apartment, which became my home, not just a structure to live within.”

Sarah now runs her own photography business and is attending university to gain qualifications in social work and social planning to help other people the way HYPA helped her.  

Please click here to hear Sarah tell her story in her own words.

Why does this happen?

HYPA HopeWell, because young people are vulnerable and when families break down or mental health issues occur, it is extremely difficult for them to make their own way.  They are often too young or inexperienced to yet be earning, they are rarely in a financial position to secure a rental property, nor do they have referees or past experience to help that process. 

And even if they are working, they are still at risk of experiencing homelessness because the average price for home rental in any Australian capital city exceeds the income of an entry level worker or apprentice.  So even if young people can  find a place to rent, the cost represents such a large proportion of their income, they often are forced to cut back on necessities like food, medical treatment, insurance and transport.

Unless they have a strong, supportive and extensive family network, they can quickly run out of safe or secure options.  

Homelessness can happen to any young person, given the right set of circumstances.  This is not something that only happens to young people who are from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’.  Youth homelessness knows no demographic or geographic bounds. 

How you can help

There are many ways in which you can help.  Please click here to see the different opportunities available.