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HYPA supports over 4,800 young people every year across our four core focus areas of Learning, Wellbeing, Home and Working. Many of our clients have expressed gratitude for our help in getting their lives on track. Many have also expressed their thought that our help actually saved their lives. These are the inspirational stories from just a few people we have helped at HYPA. You can see more inpirational stories at our #TwoFeet website.


Angeliegh was having trouble at home and needed to move out, but had nowhere to go.  She had no furniture, either, and no money for a bond, no way of raising that kind of money.  And then she came to HYPA for help and was offered a HYPA Housing apartment.  Now she’s working, has her driver’s licence and has moved into independent accommodation.  Click on the screen to hear her tell her own story.



Isaac’s story is very illuminating.  He talks about what life is like when sleeping rough, what it’s like to be a homeless person and how HYPA Housing not only changed his life, but likely saved it too.  Click on the screen to hear his story.



Charmaine grew up in an unstable environment which ultimately drove her out of her home, from one unstable environment to another.   Eventually she arrived at HYPA, seeking help.  She received it in the shape of a HYPA Housing apartment, her first experience of having a safe, secure home that she could call her own.  That changed her life: hear how by clicking on the screen.



Nathan was diagnosed as having anxiety and depression at 11 years old.  He had a difficult start to his young life, but a HYPA Housing apartment changed that and not only gave him the chance to get his life on track, it also gave him back his desire to live.  Click on the screen to hear his story.



Sarah’s first experience of HYPA was when they gave her a warm dry jacket on a day when she was very wet, very cold and very sad.  She still has that jacket today, as it represents the first time in her life she had someone say they understood and that it wasn’t her fault.  Click on the screen to hear her explain what that was like for her.



Violet’s mother left her when she was 14 and moved interstate.  Being so totally alone and vulnerable at that age made her think she wouldn’t be around to experience adulthood.  But then she found HYPA and moved into HYPA Housing, her first secure and stable home for many years.  Click on the screen to hear about the difference that made.



A heartwarming letter from a brave, young HYPA client:

"Without HYPA I would definitely not be going to school, attending all sorts of programs.  I would be sitting at home, doing nothing.  All the people I have met have been incredible.  They all have been so very supportive in helping me become a more independent person and by that I mean, my Case Managers I've had have pushed me to catch public transport, attend school and HYPA run programs.

Due to the guidance and support of everyone at HYPA I am very confident in speaking to new people therefore I have gathered so many friends whether they are clients or Case Managers.  I am certainly a more social sort of person, confident of speaking in front of groups of people.

One last thing is that my favourite part about coming to HYPA is that everyone are like family to me, so kind, so supportive, I love everyone.  I look up to everyone, they are such beautiful people.  I get along really well with everbody at HYPA."

Braden Thompson - 18
HYPA FLO Student


Click here to view the launch DVD of the HYPA Housing sites at Smithfield, Munno Para West and Westwood and hear testimonials from young people whose lives have been changed by securing HYPA Housing tenancies.

HYPA's emergency and crisis accommodation service, Trace-A-Place, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011, producing a commemorative DVD of testimonials from people helped through the service. Click here to view the DVD.