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HYPA is a division of SYC, a not for profit organisation centred on employment, education and youth services. In the last year HYPA supported and assisted over 5,300 young people to access and maintain safe and appropriate accommodation, to reconnect with family, school, employment and the community.

Many of the young people we support have experienced trauma in their lives and need extensive support. We recognise that despite their often chaotic life circumstances, the young people who come to HYPA are incredibly resilient. We believe every young person we help has the strength and capacity to bring about positive change and build a future beyond their present expectations.

Without the appropriate support to address their personal issues, too many young people fall through ‘the cracks’ and are denied the opportunities to realise their potential. HYPA’s role is to close the gaps and support young people to change their circumstances so that they may live full and productive lives within their communities.

To do this HYPA provides services that are aligned to the four primary priorities in a young person’s life: Home, WellbeingLearning and Working.

The HYPA Approach

HYPA is renowned for its sophisticated and compassionate approach to helping young people. Its philosophy is not one based on providing welfare, which in itself can become a trap. It’s about transitioning young people from welfare dependence to independent living – and that is about much more than finding a place to live. Young people cannot successfully live their own lives if they lack self-belief or confidence, or if they lack fundamental life skills that most of us take for granted. Most of us had our parents to guide and teach us, but most of the young people who seek help from HYPA have not had the same opportunities to gain these skills. 

When a family breaks down, for whatever reason, and a young person feels they can no longer stay with their parent or parents, they can sometimes find themselves on their own, making their own way, for a number of years, very often years that are crucial in preparing for adulthood and independence. 

These young people miss out on basic life lessons, but also on important celebrations and rituals that the rest of us get to enjoy regularly and without question. For example, they might not get to enjoy Christmas Day eating too much with their extended family, or to overindulge on Easter eggs at Easter. Their school holidays will often be times of great loneliness as friends spend time with family or go away on trips. Birthdays often pass without receiving any gifts or cards, or even without any kind of mention. 

Many of our clients have expressed gratitude for our help in getting their lives on track. Many have also expressed their thought that our help actually saved their lives.

HYPA’s philosophy is also about never giving up on a young person. We know that young people experiencing homelessness or personal crises of some kind are likely to have outbursts or might not always behave in what the rest of us might call constructive ways. This is because they’re in survival mode, and often in heightened state somewhere between fear and depression. A feeling of hopelessness about their life is never far away.

At HYPA we offer young people hope. Welcome to our website. Please read some more to learn about how we help young people achieve and how you might be able to help them too.